Vishnu Ashokaran

Pills were consumed by my dad and ge mentioned its good for his eyes and no more cloudly vision

Poh Kee Hock

I can see clearer. Image is sharper.

Jeremy Yau

I notice that my rash on my skin is getting better compare to before when it always read and rough



My eyes are not as tired looking at the computer as before.


I've been using Yong Kang Menopause Supplement for quite some time now. The most amazing part is my dry and uneven skin tone was improved after two weeks


My bloating and indigestion issues were significantly improved with just eating Yong Kang gastric capsule for a week. And my issues are resolved within a month. It really helps me a lot!

Mr Lee

After a few months of medication, I‘ve now successfully got rid of my reading glasses.

Mr Zhang

 I had been facing blurred vision and vision fatigue for a while due to staying late at night using the computer. I felt symptoms were relieved half an hour after taking the capsules. With a 2-week treatment protocol and adjusting daily routines and eye usage habits, I had not seen the symptoms relapse anymore. The capsule is really effective in improving my eyesight! 

Customer A

I was diagnosed with postmenopausal syndrome and experienced irregular menstrual patterns, hot flashes, night sweating, and dry skin. After 1 month of consuming Yong Kang supplement, the symptoms were largely relieved and maintained.