Bojin Ultimate Treatment

The concept of 5 Elements Signature Bojin Ultimate Treatment is to combine our own TCM herbal formulated skin care products with the signature meridian tissue manipulation technique to achieve internal health and wellness, as well as external beauty.

We follow the four steps "Observation, Auscultation and Olfaction, Inquiry, Pulse Taking" (望,闻,问,切) of TCM to understand the physical condition of each customer.  Customized treatments for different health conditions, body constitutions, and needs will be advised to optimize the effect.

Bojin Ultimate Treatment

The Bojin Ultimate (MTM) treatment utilizes the buffalo horn massage tools from China and uses signature techniques that combine the traditional Chinese experience to the meridian and acupoints, with the Western experience of muscle, fascia, and bone, to unclog the blocked meridians and penetrate the herbal essence into the body.


Relaxing Environment

A cozy and spacious room with elegant scent surrounding while having the treatment to relax the body and mind



TCM Formula

Using TCM-based (Traditional Chinese Medicine) formulated skin care products to enhance the effect of treatment

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5 Elements


The Signature 5 Elements Bojin Ultimate massage techniques with Chinese horn sticks (牛角拨筋棒) to unclog the body's meridians



Health & Wellness

 Follow the principles of the five elements of nature to harmonize the "QI" in the body to achieve optimal health

Available Treatments