Herbal Home Care

balance Qi & hormone from the inside to the outside

Home Care Philosophy...


Herbal Home Care product series are developed based on exclusive TCM formulas and knowledge, combined with Western technology, to maximize the effect and function of the herbs selected and used in each product.

With the experiment of our Research & Development team, we have developed a series of external uses health care products, specially designed to cooperate with exclusive Bojin MTM technique and home use to achieve the double effect for health and wellness.

qiflo - bottle solo.png
myo - bottle solo.png

Essential Oil
more than just the scent...

The QiFlo Meridian Essence helps to open up the meridian points in whole body, while the Myofascial Pain Relief Essential Oil goes deep into the pain points, to relieve pain and balance hormone.

cream - bottle + cream.png

Daily Cream
more than just for skin...

The Herbal Balancing Daily Cream helps to relieve the symptoms of hormonal imbalance with the 10 times faster absorption technology, and to recuperate the body from the inside to the outside.