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100% Money Back Guarantee

We are strongly confident in our Yong Kang Eye Wellness Capsule and offer a 100% money back guarantee within 30 days if our product does not work for you.

#1 Best Selling Multi-functional Eye Booster

A multi-functional eye booster to enhance your vision through supplementing liver and kidney, protect your eyes from the inside out. Yong Kang Eye Wellness Capsule is a 100% pure plants capsules that formulated with the antioxidan herbs to protect your eyes from high-light, oxidative damage and other eye diseases.

Our capsule is enriched with Bilberry, Flos Chrysanthemi, Semen Cassiae, Fructus Mori, Fructus Lycii and Lutein to improve ocular capillary circulation and maintain healthy vision. With the right vitamins and natural herbs, you can restore your vision with the nutrients they need to stay healthy well into old age.

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Noticeable improvement within 30 days

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In strive for excellence, we have spent several years developing a proactive formula of high potency and efficacy. Combining innovative technology and TCM physician's clinical experience, we have successfully developed the first multi-functional TCM-based eye supplement that can alleviate more than 19 eye conditions effectively and naturally. 


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                multifunctional microencapsulation eye capsule in Singapore made with Seaweed



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with Seaweed

Microencapsulation is the protective technology of encapsulating all the active ingredients into micro particles and prevent ingredients from being oxidized. We use seaweed to replace polymeric material in producing shell for making it easier to be absorbed by our body and allows vegetarian users to consume with a peace of mind.

Clinical Indications:

Blurred vision and partial vision loss due to eye fatigue, long-term staying up late at night and long-term computer usage; treatment and preventive medicine for asthenopia, glaucoma and cataract.

Dosage and Precaution:

2 - 4 capsules daily, or in accordance to physician's prescriptions. In the unlikely event of adverse reaction to the supplement, administration of this medicinal product should be stopped upon discovery of any adverse drug reactions or changes in physical appearance of the capsules.

Eye Exam


Mr Zhang

 I had been facing blurred vision and vision fatigue for a while due to staying late at night using the computer. I felt symptoms were relieved half an hour after taking the capsules. With a 2-week treatment protocol and adjusting daily routines and eye usage habits, I had not seen the symptoms relapse anymore. The capsule is really effective in improving my eyesight! 

Mr Lee

After a few months of medication, I‘ve now successfully got rid of my reading glasses.

Mr Ren

My vision returned to normal after 2months of medication and reducing the number of hours on the computer and the games. Subsequent follow-up consultations had seen my vision maintained and not deteriorated! Is really worth trying if you are facing the same symptoms as me.

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