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Clinically Proven Effective Hair Loss Solution

With the combination of FDA-approved technology & scientifically effective hair growth activator to boost the hair growth cycle and trigger the hair follicles to grow actively. Conditions significantly improved in 10 sessions of treatment*.

DEP Stem Cell

DEP (DermoElectroPoration®) is a FDA approved technology that stimulates the  opening of the skin existing water based channels to allow stem cell to penetrate deep into the derma due to the controlled current, while causing no damage to tissue and cells. It’s an alternative to injection.


A TCM-based solution formulated by physician to control oil secretion that causes scalp blockage, prolong hair growth phase, and stimulates blood circulation in the hair follicles for healthy hair growth.

  Recommended for  

Thinning Hair • Premature Hair Loss • Blocked Scalp • Postpartum Hair Loss • Hairdressing Negligence Hair Loss

A clinically-proven effective hair growth activator that combines PDRN & Chinese herbs formulated by Korean scientists & used by Korean hair tranplant surgeons to trigger hair follicles to grow and reactivate hair growth cycle.

  Recommended for  

Female androgenetic alopecia • Male pattern baldness (M-shape, O-shape, U-shape) • Female pattern baldness • Alopecia areata • Alopecia totalis • Diffuse alopecia 


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