Physician Wang Senping


Phy. Wang Senping graduated from Singapore College of Traditional Chinese Medicine (7 years Joint degree course with GuangZhou University of TCM)

Singapore registered TCM practitioner board.


Has been influenced and taught by acupuncturist grandfather since young.


Has been trained and licensed in Paediatric Massage (Xiaoer Tuina) by professor Wang Dejun from human University of TCM.


Has been trained in TCM bone setting therapy (joint mobilization and manipulation).


Good to make the most of TCM treatment method as mentioned above to resolve related health condition.


Physician Wang is good at:

1.Orthopedic issue such as spondylosis (Cervical, thoracic and lumbar spinal problem), frozen shoulder, ankle sprain

2.Internal Medicine problem such as insomnia,  constipation, migraine, giddiness 

3.Pediatric issue such as long-time coughing, fever, loss of appetite, bad sleep, perspiration, night crying and so on.



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