Founded in 2003 by Elson Lee, Refresh TCM

Wellness is a healthcare service provider in 

Traditional Chinese Medicine. The group

consists of two different arms which are TCM

Clinic and TCM Wellness.

TCM Clinic functions as a medical center that

provides TCM treatment to patients based on

their internal medical conditions. Such

solutions are given by highly qualified TCM

Medical Practitioners. On the other hand, 

TCM Wellness center provides a variety of

wellness programs that are customized based

on the patient's body condition. The main aim 

of the center is to nurture one's well-being

with professional TCM methods for a healthy

body in the long run.

Currently, Refresh TCM Wellness Group has 5 

clinics and 3 wellness centers that operate

islandwide. There are more than 20 licensed 

TCM doctors and 200 staff members working

as the backbone of the company. Elson hopes

to elevate the brand and grow the business to the next stage. 

One of the common TCM practices adopted in

this company is Moxibustion, a method that

uses burned dried mugwort on particular

points of the body. This ancient method was

passed down many centuries ago from East

Asia and has been a proven method to resolve

different types of health issues. Besides that, 

there were no side effects after treatment. 

Elson also brings in western medical trained

doctors to provide additional advice for

conditions that need extra care. All customers

are also ensured with an insurance guarantee

due to the close working relationship between

the company and external insurance providers.


Today, Refresh TCM Wellness has successfully

treated over 4 million cases and no sign of side

effects. Elson and his team will continue to 

strive further in ensuring holistic and effective

TCM practices can be made easy and 

accessible to everyone in Singapore.  

Yong Kang TCM Clinic



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wellness centre

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