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The Refresh Group's inception was inspired by the sole purpose of delivering professional and exceptional care for the body and mind of those seeking a healthful living.

Since establishing Refresh Bodyworks' flagship outlet in 2003, offering foot reflexology and body massage, the group has extended its business to other health and wellness treatments. From foot reflexology to traditional Chinese medicine, TCM wellness centre, TCM food, hair & scalp wellness centre and wellness supplements. Its diversified solutions have benefitted customers from all parts of Singapore.

Today, with five brands – Refresh TCM Wellness Centre, Refresh Hair & Scalp Wellness Centre, 5 Elements, Herbalicious, and Yong Kang TCM Clinic are all under its corporate belt, the Refresh Group boasts a total of 18 outlets in Singapore and Malaysia and a team of 150 staffs whose aim is to help everyone find a whole new way to beauty and wellness.

The Refresh brands embody the essence of quality living made accessible to everyone. We believe that living well can be achieved without living extravagantly. That's why our health and beauty solutions are highly affordable, and our outlets are conveniently located near MRTs and shopping malls. Our philosophy is based on a simple belief that people should treat themselves well, and paying regular attention and care to their bodies is the key to achieving the perfect balance of a healthy body and inner well-being.
Through the years, we have constantly improved our skills in bringing you fast, easy, effective, professional health and beauty services. Our staff's treatment is done with genuine care and profound respect for you.
At Refresh, we aim to improve lives daily, one treatment at a time. We make sure that you get the extra care you deserve. 

Yong Kang TCM Clinic



Refresh Beauty & Slimming 
wellness centre

Refresh Hair & scalp
wellness centre

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